Our mission is to enable others to discover their true potential through facilitating and coaching interactive talent development programs to organizations and agencies. This is accomplished with live and virtual distributed learning, allowing time for application and feedback.

About Ken Lodi

After graduating from Boston College, Ken joined the Franklin Institute facilitating presentations in the US and abroad on the topics of productivity, communication and sales development. This boutique training organization would soon evolve to become Franklin Covey, one of the largest Talent Development companies in the world.

After a decade with Franklin Covey, Ken wrote presentations and pitch meetings for the Financial Services Sector with companies such Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo and Fidelity Investments where he produced measurable “win rates” in multi-million-dollar partnerships. He’s also partnered with teams at Disney, ABC Television, and Viacom during their “upfront season” resulting in increased revenues in ad sales dollars. He has lectured to faculty, staff and students at Arizona State University, UCLA and USC and scores of government agencies. Ken has also produced multi-day corporate training events and narrated several audio books and training programs.

He is the author of Tapping Potential: Achieving What you want with the Abilities you Already Have; Front & Center: Presenting Ideas Clearly, Concisely and with Confidence, and The Bamboo Principle: The Roots Beneath Results—which has been read around the world in five languages.

Ken has been featured on Fox News, NBC and I Heart Radio. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Building Strengths with The Bamboo Principle

The Bamboo Principle is based on the book by the same name and discusses talent and strengths, and is positioned to support career development, team building and succession planning. This “foundation first” philosophy ensures that participants work with a Development Plan that accelerates momentum along their personal and professional path.

Explainer about Explainers

Effective Sales and Marketing is about effectively sharing your brand’s strengths in clear and concise messages.  Research tells us that people no longer want to navigate complex websites and read lengthy PDF’s, so organizations partner with us to collaborate on messaging and create a compelling video that tells their story and stirs emotion.

Sales Communication and Performance

This program introduces a Sales Model that represents the entire continuum of essential selling strategies that enable targeted discussions with insights, while demonstrating preparation and professionalism.  When you apply this content, you will distinguish yourself from the competition and leverage existing business.

Performance Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching isn’t about fixing problems, it’s about collaborating with accountability to identify best practices, provide feedback and improve performance.  Coaching is essential in creating urgency to drive performance, not just measure it.  Learn more about our Coaching Model and the skills to share it.

Synchronicity: The Art and Science of Peak Productivity

If time isn’t properly managed, nothing else can be managed.  This program addresses peak productivity in a digital age and changing work cultures. Additionally, you’ll discover the science behind your cognitive ability, recognize when and where you do your best work because how you feel affects how you function

Virtual Media Skills Coaching

Webinars are no longer a periodic event–they are the new standard. People are not just attending webinars, they’re expected to host webinars for their colleagues and clients to accomplish their work. This is a new dynamic that requires a new awareness. Do you know the protocols for a great webinar?